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The Good Father

Looking for a wife, I decided to go to church. I was proud of my intention to be a father.  Fantasies of parenthood gave me a sense of belonging.  Soon I would be among the mothers and fathers of the regular community.  I would fit in as a parent.  Whatever qualities I lacked currently might […]

Rooster May Crow

The impulse hit me like remembering something you forgot when you’re already on the highway.  Like forgetting to take your own pillow when you go far away, else when you arrive, you can’t get comfortable, resting your head on the  memory of something you forgot. I wanted babies bad.  Imagining myself a father, I became […]

Spinning The Bottle

  That first winter in high school, we were wild. Not full grown teenagers, none of us had a driver’s license, an automobile. or much idea of what to do in a parked car with a date, aside from fog up the windows. Kissing was innocence on the prowl. Without cars, our opportunities were limited […]

The Night Will Be Young Forever

It was 1962, the rabble beyond the waterway were already well aroused. Underage drinking went on in the parking lot at the sock hop. Quite a lot of drinking, almost exclusively among the boys. But who knows that for sure? Women’s liberation had been an open secret since the elevation of the Virgin Mary. Girl […]

They Came With A Rope

A horse is the most compelling toy possible for a budding young girl.  Equine males walk around continually naked.  Even geldings sometimes achieve moderate elongation when mares in heat raise and roll their tails askew presenting themselves shamelessly.  My little sister admitted to me once that she and her friends had to be careful not […]

Little Gigantic Thing

My first romance rode a painted horse called “Beauty.” She was cute, precious beyond measure, beyond time, for she is always there, freckled and fiery red-haired, kicking the flanks of Beauty; she gallops in youth’s eternal moment. I am under the spell of whatever it is, that little thing, which is gigantic, that runs away […]

The Glitter of Her Laughter

I was still wearing the clothes I had slept in, and couldn’t remember the night before. My head was on backwards. I was starving for something sweet to eat, and there she was. Her waitress station was all the way across the dining room. I felt no pressure that she would be the one to […]

Bomb Attack

About one month into the 9th grade, we were practicing for a nuclear bomb attack, because Fidel Castro had been caught with Russian missiles aimed at the United States, and President Kennedy was sending the warships to blockade Cuba. It was scary. We could hear the fear in the voice that came on the loud […]


Whenever a girl got into my car, any chance of my paying undivided attention to the highway disappeared. With a girl beside me, so that I felt her, all the way down the length of my ribs and under my arm, along the outside length of her thigh and the curve of her hip joint, […]