Entries by Bo Bryan

Striking a Chord

The first intimations we got of the atmosphere in beer joints and nightclubs came around make-do dance floors at school. One night in the basketball gym, at a “sock hop” social dance, when we were in the ninth grade, the band was a revolting surprise. One of the players, with all-over long hair, combed back […]

Goot Knew

The main thing that kept us boys in line at school was the threat of corporeal punishment.  Any man old enough to remember when it was legal for school teachers to swat trouble-makers, probably recalls a teacher, usually a man, who carried the biggest stick.  In my case, he was the baseball coach, who also […]

Finding The Calm

I lived in a cabin on the river above the Tuckaseegee Gorge, near Dillsboro, North Carolina, in the suburbs of the Great Smokies. The view from my favorite chair was of the river and the rocks that carved the river into rapids.  There were tea roses growing among the rocks, dogwoods enough, and wild day […]

My Pillar Fire

It was the year everything changed. Childhood was ending. We were leaving the elementary school that had been our winter home in daylight hours for seven years. The school building was as familiar as the houses we came from, but a refuge from parents, and a playpen where we knew the rules and how to […]

A Lover Lost

TOLD YOU NOT TO WORRY, that I would never leave you I gave you reasons to believe me. The white knight lover I am took out the garbage, washed the dishes, paid the bills. All I wanted was to save you from sadness. You opened for me like a flower. Loved me as completely as […]

Beach Bum Aristocrat

REMEMBERING A PRINCE OF THE BEACH BUM ARISTOCRACY The Land of Shag has lost a prince. Walter Vann Applewhite, number 33 on the Myrtle Beach Seahawks football team. Graduated high school 1957. Born in Georgia, in ‘38, He spelled his middle name with two n’s, cause that was his grandmama’s maiden moniker, V–a–n–n. He grew […]

Society of Stranders

What does a shag dancer need to stay healthy?  Beach fever, the infection that cures the disease of loneliness. At the SOS Fall Migration in September, everybody got what they came for, as long as you were looking for music, laughter, and a dance partner with a casual attitude. At SOS a different reality comes […]

Dolphin in the Water

The wave action we were caught in made pulling the anchors dicey.  To wait for the wind to calm down would have been the better move. Going forward to winch up the ground tackle, I began to wonder what I was doing here.  The strain the hull placed on the lines made them dangerous to […]

Bonfire of Desire

In the Land of Shag the dance of romance goes on. Holding hands at the edge of the floor feels dangerous. The music touches you, as it did when the song was new. When young, foolish, and racing to be in love, you fell into it, or jumped, as often as the records on the […]