Entries by Bo Bryan

Bomb Attack

About one month into the 9th grade, we were practicing for a nuclear bomb attack, because Fidel Castro had been caught with Russian missiles aimed at the United States, and President Kennedy was sending the warships to blockade Cuba. It was scary. We could hear the fear in the voice that came on the loud […]


Whenever a girl got into my car, any chance of my paying undivided attention to the highway disappeared. With a girl beside me, so that I felt her, all the way down the length of my ribs and under my arm, along the outside length of her thigh and the curve of her hip joint, […]

Larger Than the Land

Headed for Surfside in the wet cold morning, we took Highway 17, a ribbon of asphalt from New York to Miami. Going fishing, we were on the road. Possibilities multiplied. We felt the pulse of the whole East Coast running up the dotted white line. Fifteen miles to the Surfside Pier— not far, but a […]

The Forever Beach

Myrtle Beach was always magical, a carnival town, now billboard cluttered, strip-mall-crowded, neon-glowing, the so called “Redneck Riviera”.  My hometown.  People say, “Boy, you must have seen some changes in this place in the last fifty years.”  But I don’t see it at all.  The Beach is forever a carnival; it hasn’t changed one bit, […]

First Things First

First thing to do was take a deep breath. It was always colder and windier, the air cleaner to breathe over the ocean. Cold at that hour. Before dawn, the sky unbroken, dark, dark, dark. Bluish-white islands of light lit the fishermen hunched over rods, smoking cigarettes, blowing steam from coffee cups. The light stopped […]

The Door’s Unlocked

On the way to play poker, I made promises to myself. Not to do this or that stupidly in the game, let myself be bluffed out. I always vowed: if I lost all the money I had on me, I would never, under any circumstances again borrow money from Timmy. I already owed him, always […]

Fever To Be Cool

The size of the world changed in high school, grew smaller, though a larger world might have been suggested by logic; if logic had influenced beach boys. All of my dreams condensed in the desire to be cool. It would seem a small desire to fill. But the definition of cool is vague, except everybody […]

Mystery Girl

Where did girls go when school let out? What did they do? I didn’t have the slightest idea. Which is really odd, as much time as I spent thinking about sex: how to get it, and who to get it from, and all the attendant aspects of making myself ready, presentable, desirable, and all the […]

The Glow of the Past

  I love the sounds of words, probably the first reason I became a writer. Later I added the hope of causing folks to laugh and cry reading stories that I found fun to write. I grew up in Myrtle Beach, a carnival town surrounded by characters who have grown on me like riotous vines, […]