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Bonfire of Desire

In the Land of Shag the dance of romance goes on. Holding hands at the edge of the floor feels dangerous. The music touches you, as it did when the song was new. When young, foolish, and racing to be in love, you fell into it, or jumped, as often as the records on the […]

Tribute to a Jukebox Giant

In The Land of Shag Lived Fat Harold, The Jukebox Giant. He called himself “Fat” For a name like that Was easy to remember. Giants choose their names Not to be forgotten. In later years, He did grow heavy. Though as a youth In uniform, A trim and tall Marine, He was not called Fat, […]

All You Need is Love

When I was a kid growing up in The Land of Shag, romance was my daily bread, also the peanut butter and jelly; I hungered for it more than French fries.  The quickest way to get fed was shag dancing.  All the coolest girls were dancers, and all the guys who couldn’t dance were relegated […]


I made another bad choice of anchorage that night.  For reasons I’m embarrassed to admit; instead of crossing the channel at Port Bolivar, heading for the inner harbor at Galveston, which was well protected from wind and wave — because I thought it would be ideal to keep away from marinas and yacht clubs, be […]

#NewSouth Sunrise

Take It Down, Take It Down I’m headed to C0lumbia, South Carolina, hottest city on Earth in the summer, to see what happens next. Are the lawmakers of the S.C. General Assembly as ready as they claim, to take down the flag, and let a #newsouth sunrise begin?   It could be another carnival of […]

72 Summers in the Land of Shag

Come the summer of 2015, the Shag, the legendary dance of the South, will celebrate it’s 72nd anniversary of conception. It came to pass in June of 1943 that Race Music, gut-level Rhythm and Blues, the sound later labeled Rock-n-Roll found its way onto jukeboxes along the Carolina coast.  And The Southern teenagers called it […]

Cure For Lazy Legs

In The Land of Shag the night is young forever. Along the coast of the Carolinas, shag dancing is nightlife for an increasing number of Baby Boomers who refuse to give up the ghost of romance. If growing old is a state mind, shag dancing might be the fountain of youth, laced with a double […]

May I have This Dance?

If you’re in love, love to dance, or you’re alone, looking for a partner; if fifty years ago, you married your high school sweetheart and haven’t danced since senior prom. Dance for your life at SOS. If you’re a Baby Boomer, you won’t be alone in The Land of Shag. Nobody will turn you down […]

The Wonder of the Crush

I love showing people something good they haven’t seen before.  It’s an unsung pleasure of life introducing a new experience. In the bargain, as a veteran, you’re given a fresh vision of the totally familiar, like it’s your first time as well. Courtney and Greg Cordell were newcomers in The Land of Shag, had never […]