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Silver Soldier, Robert D.

Robert, The older I get the more valuable my friends are.  Leaving home, nearly fifty years ago, I didn’t realize how rich I was.  Coming back, finding that the best friends I ever made were the ones I lost touch with, has calmed me down, made me realize, I’ve always been looking for something I […]

Why the Sun Won

IT CAME OUT OF A CLOUD LIKE THE SUN like a spinning something all gas, spun into fire, burning at the core and all the way out, making light, giving heat. and everything else. Going off, out, away, beginning, time upon time, birth and death of stars. Blown to position, beginning accretion, Womb of God. SUN […]

Shag Birthday Surprise

SHAG DANCER’S BIRTHDAY SURPRISE  A friend of mine had a birthday recently: Janet Harrold, the lady who keeps the editorials and party pictures coming from Carefree Times, the one and only newspaper in the Land of Shag.  The party was a surprise to Janet, to me as well.  I didn’t hear about it until a […]

Science and the Soul

The Size of Greatness When I was younger and dumber only a boy in the 8th grade, my science teacher told us, not to mess around thinking how big the universe is. He said it would make us crazy, imagining beyond The Milky Way. Our 8th Grade science book asserted: all of everything that was […]

Star Stuff

 The Earth is spinning at over a thousand miles an hour. That’s how fast I’m moving right now, sitting in one place wiggling my fingers. How did I get here? Easy: due to stars exploding. That’s evidence verified, no faith needed. Everything material originates in the furnaces of dying suns. The Pope bestows blessings upon […]

Walking in the Fog

This morning right at daylight I was walking in the fog. The sort of fog that soaks your hair that makes it seem you’re walking through a glass of fat-free milk. Reality, as far as you can tell. For in the fog everything is different not the way it is in sunlight or in the […]


Waking up in the dark, before the earth rotates and the sun appears to rise, I sit on the edge of a bed, facing a wall-size mirror.   I position myself so the mirror divides my reflection: half I can see, as if the mirror were the past, where in the mud of memory, I get […]

The Music Is All There Is

What do you get dancing the shag at SOS? Everybody gets what they came for.  That was my impression. I just hoped SOS wouldn’t end before it got old. You never want the music to stop, to go back where you come from, where the rules stay the same all year. At SOS a different […]

Silver Soldier – Silver Fox

In the Land of Shag, I watched a pretty woman dancing smooth as a glassy ocean. Her backside boogie walked cool as a breeze on a humid afternoon. She was a silver fox. The man dancing with her was a silver soldier. He had a permanent suntan. The deep-cut lines around his mouth and eyes radiated […]