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Horizontal Desire

“Dancing is a vertical expression of horizontal desire,” said Robert Frost, maybe America’s most famous poet. The first time I heard that line quoted I wondered who said it first. I was in a crowd of shag dancers. I can’t remember who told me, but at the time, I asked, thinking “vertical expression of horizontal […]

Ride the Knife

Ride the knife is lesson one on the hustle. Then beware the blade. How long you ride is relevant. You slip and slide the longer you ride and cut yourself to death. Beware the Blade.

President’s Day Pussy

Poem for Candidates To aspire and arrive to lead a nation is an honorable ambition impossible to attain for a pussy. We bestow the office on little men who sit upon a throne of weapons. To be the chief, a little fellow must accept, if not aspire, to wash his hands in blood. The office […]

Absent Valentine

Dearest absent Valentine, What’s in your heart when love is out of town?   Depends how long it lasts, given love’s condition leaving. One heart stays, the other goes; in between flows light, heat, hope, desire, and sometimes trust broken in the leaving.   Maybe what is known of love is only our opinion shared. […]

Kosher Hand-Eye Coordination

THE KOSHER HAND THAT FED ME The other night I had dinner at the Jerusalem Cafe, a new restaurant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, a town that supposedly has more restaurants per capita than any on Earth.  Myrtle Beach is my hometown, so I can tell you, the more restaurants you have, the more likely you […]

So Rob A Bank

The Earth is traveling around the sun 61,000 miles an hour. That is so fast no bullet on Earth could catch us.   We could get away with anything. The cops would never see us. They would have to know we were coming, and be watching from a long way off, even to see the […]

Driving, Mostly Riding, With Ross

TO TAMPA AND BACK My younger son Ross is six feet, six inches tall, has hair three feet long, a beard that near reaches his chest, and blue eyes. Some of the hair notwithstanding, he has a face like mine when I was 24.   Ross and I just made a trip to Florida, three […]

Emergency Room Help

HELP I heard Joshua’s cry. The nurse I spoke to came back and told me she was VERY sorry. But that Betsy would be okay. Then I understood. The terrified voice of a child crying for help has haunted me since.

Two Suns Won

I took a picture of sunrise this morning. It was cold on the beach, not so cold my hands froze, but brisk, the way my dog likes it. As you can see in the picture, there appears to be two images of the sun, one larger than the other. The smaller sun also casts a […]