#NewSouth dawning

#NewSouth Sunrise

Take It Down, Take It Down

I’m headed to C0lumbia, South Carolina,

hottest city on Earth

in the summer, to see what happens next.

Are the lawmakers

of the S.C. General Assembly

as ready as they claim,

to take down the flag,

and let a #newsouth sunrise begin?


It could be another carnival

of lost causes, if

among the chosen, the elected,

those supposed to lead us

to a brighter day,

thicker heads

and harder hearts prevail.


I’ll be in touch as the day goes on

and the week passes.

Keep all your fingers and toes crossed.

A #NewSouth Sunrise

depends upon the outcome happening


Don’t let it drag on.

Take it down.

Take it down.

Let fly the future South.

Let a #NewSouth Sunrise begin.