Two Suns

Two Suns Won

I took a picture of sunrise this morning.

It was cold on the beach,

not so cold my hands froze,

but brisk, the way my dog likes it.

As you can see in the picture,

there appears to be two images of the sun,

one larger than the other.

The smaller sun also casts a yellow stripe of glare on the water.

The larger one is almost blinding.

I did not see the smaller sun,

the camera saw it.

I don’t know what caused that,

might have been a reflection of the lens somehow.

The two suns rising

distracted me from the chill in the air,

made me forget my cold hands,

and gave me something to write about.

Then I see two seagulls in the picture,


standing on the beach,

equidistant from the sun’s reflection.

Two suns and two seagulls

well arranged

for a picture the camera saw

before I did.

Or maybe I did see.

Maybe something in me

that you can’t take a picture of

saw it first,

and gave it to me,

so that I’d forget the cold

and wonder,

what if two suns come up tomorrow,

where will I be?

Hopefully there,

and here,

to see it.

And warm my hands upon the extra fire.