Star Stuff

 The Earth is spinning

at over a thousand miles an hour.

That’s how fast I’m moving

right now,

sitting in one place wiggling my fingers.

How did I get here?


due to stars exploding.

That’s evidence verified, no faith needed.

Everything material

originates in the furnaces of dying suns.

The Pope bestows blessings upon super novas.

“We are all star stuff,” Carl Sagan said.

Our constituent elements

are all created

in God’s hot houses

lit up millions of degrees,

brightest lights in the sky.

Let them be.

From far far far far away

if you were there,

you would see the flash of fire that created me,

looking back in time.

From your point of view,

when the light comes on

I will not have existed for hundreds of millions of years.

But I did,

as I was.

Star stuff is real.

Let it shine.

The illusion of anything


or ending

is as wrong as the Earth is flat.

Nothing is lost, never buried.

Eternity is real.

The whole of reality

is Me.