A Carnival Town

My daddy used to say that hard times in Myrtle Beach would never last as long as in the rest of the country because all year, working people would save their money, and in the summer, flock to the Beach and spend it.

Myrtle-Beach-my-fatherHaving the ocean for a tourist-trap was almost like cheating in a poker game. Myrtle Beach couldn’t lose. My daddy knew what he was talking about. My daddy was Buster Bryan, founder of the Dunes Club, co-founder of Coastal Carolina University, original developer of the Town of Surfside, owner of the Caravelle Motel.

Daddy was the legendary industrial spy who pirated the concept of the golf package plan from Pinehurst to Myrtle Beach, and set the cash register bells ringing symphonically year round.

When I tell people I grew up here, many remark I must be sad the way the Beach has changed. To me, it never did; the Beach always was, still is, and ever will be a carnival town.

Myrtle Beach doesn’t change, the carnival just gets bigger and more fun to ride the rides.