Silver Soldier – Silver Fox

In the Land of Shag,

I watched a pretty woman dancing

smooth as a glassy ocean.

Her backside boogie walked

cool as a breeze on a humid afternoon.

She was a silver fox.

The man dancing with her was a silver soldier.

He had a permanent suntan.

The deep-cut lines around his mouth and eyes

radiated from a smile

that never left his face.

The woman boogie walked right up to him

and touched his belly,

gently pushing him back.

His eyes glittered for everything her touch implied.

He said something to her,

I couldn’t hear what,

the music was loud.

She laughed

the way a woman does who’s heard it all before

and loves it every time.

The song ended,

and they waited for another.

Later, I saw them holding hands,

walking toward the beach,

like old familiar lovers.

Maybe they were married.

Maybe not.

New romance strikes more often than lightning

in the Land of Shag.